Hospitalization / Discharge procedure
Hospitalization procedure
  • Hospitalization Decision
    Register at the admission counter according to the orders received from the outclinic or the emergency room.
  • Register at the admission counter according to the orders received from the outclinic or the emergency room.
    Present identification card.
    Please submit an operation subscription provided by the outclinic if scheduled for an operation,
  • Hospitalization Consultations
    Once patient's room is decided, check the time the room will be available and get instructions from the relevant ward's nurse station
  • Patient’s room will be assigned on the day of admission. The type of room assigned to you may be different from that of your request.
Long-stay Living Information
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Managing Valuables
  • There are many people entering the hospital. Please manage your valuables.
  • Cash and valuables can be robbed. It is not safe to keep it in the hospital.
  • The hospital won’t be responsible for your lost valuables.
Visiting hours
  • Due to patient’s well-being, visits are limited to 10pm.
  • Only guardians with transit passes are allowed to enter the ward.
  • The ward is off-limits to children below age of 7 due to infections.
Issuance of Certificates
  • Please request to the nurse if in need of documents such as medical certificate,hospitalization confirmation and others, the day before being discharged.
  • When requested on the very day, discharge process may be delayed.
Discharge Procedures
  • Discharge Decisions
    When the doctor in charge decides the date of discharge, check the hospitalization record and when the nurse is done arranging, receipts will be issued at the administration counter.
  • Consultation Fee Payment
    Present identification card.
    Prepare insurance card and consultation fee and pay for the corresponding fees upon receiving call from the hospitalization/discharge department.
  • Discharge Process
    After paying the consultations fees, check the discharge process clearance and reservation statement. Medication will be provided upon submitting the discharge process clearance at the ward nurse station.
  • Hospitalization process inquires: administration department - 02) 2007-1235
  • Please inquire the nurse station if certificates (hospitalization confirmation, medical certificate) are required.
  • Please return gowns and wardrobe keys.