Laparoscopic Center
MizMedi Women’s Hospital carries more than 97% of gynecologic surgeries using laparoscopy. Up until now, we have held laparoscopic surgery symposium for ten times and continue to develop and perform the latest surgical technique through annual overseas training of medical staff. At Gangnam and Gangseo branches, we carry an average of 200 cases per month and 2000 cases per year. We are treating gynecologic diseases such as myoma uteri, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, pelvic adhesion, ectopic pregnancy and endometrial polyp with laparoscopic surgery instead of traditional "open" surgery.
What is laparoscopic surgery?
Laparoscopy is or “minimally invasive” surgery is a specialized technique for performing surgery. It is a placement of a small camera called laparoscope through several 0.5-1cm incisions. Each incision is called a “port” and at each port, a tubular instrument known as a trochar is inserted. The advantages of laparoscopic surgery are as follows:
  • Less post operative discomfort since the incisions are much smaller
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Earlier return to normal daily activities
  • Much smaller scars