Laparoscopic Surgery
When is it used?
Gynecological laparoscopy can be used to:
  • diagnose and treat endometriosis
  • diagnose and treat pelvic inflammatory disease
  • remove scar tissue (adhesions)
  • treat an ectopic pregnancy
  • carry out female sterilization, which is permanent contraception
  • remove an ovarian cyst or a polyp
  • remove your womb (hysterectomy) or ovaries (oophorectomy)
  • treat fibroids
  • remove lymph nodes for cancer treatment
Operation Cases (Before and After)
  • Case2
  • Uterine myoma --> Post-myomectomy state
  • Case3
  • Right ovarain dermoid cyst --> Removal of dermoid cyst from normal tissue
  • Case4
  • Left ovarain endometrial cyst with pelvic adhesion -->
    Post-cystectomy & adhesiolysis state abnormal cyst
  • Case5
  • Right tubal pregnancy --> Post-salpingectomy state
  • Case6
  • Right tubal pregnancy --> Post-salpingectomy state
  • Case1
  • Uterine adenomyosis --> Post-hysterectomy state